About Tom Colborn (aka Delta Tom)

Photo credit: Julian Eales

Photo credit: Julian Eales

Tom Colborn began playing in his early twenties, when he was clearly old enough to know better. Dragged unceremoniously onward by his obsession, he quickly became embroiled in professional gigging.

His repertoire consists of fiery Delta blues and baudy rags from the dawn of the idiom, as well as self-penned songs and instrumentals which use the old vocabulary to say new things.

Over a decade of performing, he has performed at festivals including the Big Chill, The Edinburgh Fringe, Cambridge Folk Festival and Broadstairs Folk Week. He has jammed with the late great Lousiana Red, Sam Mitchell, supported Nick Harper, Little Axe, John Alcock from Fairport Convention and the Trembling Bells. He has also met and held a door open for the legendary blues scholar Paul Oliver. Oh yes.

He has played countless pubs and bars, among them Peter Parker’s Rock n Roll Bar, ‘What’s Cookin’’ and the Twevle Bar Club, favourites on his ‘home turf’ include the legendary Flying Pig on Hills Road, Cambridge.

His day gig is as an illustrator, specialising in comics and cartoons. For more details of his illustration work, email Tom: draughtsmantom@gmail.com